High-Potency Black Seed Oil-Honey-Wild
Oregano Oil Formula


Mycellized for optimal absorption

Resp-Immune is the first-ever combination of four potent complexes for supporting respiratory health plus the health of the immune system.* These complexes are black seed oil, wild oregano oil, raw honey, and wild juniper oil. It‘s available in the most absorbable form, fully mycellized. To have mycellized honey also is rare. Mycellization increases the absorption through the oral and intestinal membranes, eliminating the need for digestion.

With all its nutrients intact, including enzymes and phenolic compounds, raw honey is a powerhouse for bolstering a natural immune response.* It is also a natural medicine for respiratory and bronchial health.* Plus, the raw honey works with black seed oil for greatly supporting digestive plus lung health.* As well, wild oregano aids overall digestion, from the stomach through the colon.*

Resp-Immune is a traditional formula, used both in Africa and the Middle East. Take advantage of this and take Resp-Immune on a daily basis. The combination is immensely powerful, as there is great synergy.

Black seed oil contains natural substances, like alpha hederin, nigellone, and thymoquinone, which help support a healthy respiratory system and bronchial health.* These substances are also highly potent for cardiac support.* Resp-Immune also supports a whole-body immune response.* Wild juniper oil, another key component, is a natural way to support both immunity and lung health.*

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