From the makers of P73 Oregano oil

Use the incredible germ killing powers of wild Oregano to protect yourself in the home and workplace from the dangers of airborne and surface bacteria, mold and fungal spores.


100% natural germicidal spray

   Germ-a-Clenz is a unique blend of completely edible essential oils with broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. This means you can use Germ-a-Clenz with complete confidence any where dangerous germs may threaten your safety. Use Germ-a-Clenz in the air, on food, on countertops, on cutting boards, in public restrooms, on airplane headrests, and, even around infants and pets. Dr. Cass Ingram recommends that Germ-a-Clenz be frequently sprayed wherever needed and even suggests that people spray furnace and air conditioning filters to decrease mold and viral transmission.

   Germ-a-Clenz is a must for anyone who has frequent contact with people. If you are a hospital worker, practitioner, teacher, traveler or anyone concerned about exposure, Germ-a-Clenz helps protect you! This powerful, all-purpose germ fighter does not contain any chemicals, alcohol or preservatives. It is made of 100% water soluble, naturally occurring herb and spice phenols, proven to be effective by tests conducted at major medical institutions such as Georgetown University Medical Center and Cornell University. Every single spray of Germ-a-Clenz carries the same amount of this unique solution. It works because it has been specially mycellized to keep the active ingredients in perfect suspension, delivering powerful germ killing results every time.

Germ-a-Glenz has a fresh spicy scent and safe to use everywhere around the home and workplace.

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60ml environment friendly pump spray – ideal for travel, fits in the pocket or bag