Black seed oil (from the seed of black cumin, Nigella sativa) is a healthy, alternative oil for use on salads and other foods but it tends to be more expensive than other oils, such as extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil, and has a strong taste that some people might find unpleasant.

Clinical studies, conducted primarily in parts of Asia, suggest that black seed oil, in liquid or capsule form, as well as black seed powder, may modestly lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. There is also preliminary evidence that black seed oil may modestly reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and weight, and it may help with asthma symptoms, osteoarthritis, and thyroid status in people with Hashimoto’s disease. For certain conditions, the efficacy may depend on which form is used (oil or powder).

Some studies suggest that black seed oil may help eradicate H. pylori (a bacteria linked to gastric ulcers).

Our Black Seed Gummies are a pleasant and convenient  way to benefit from the health giving properties of this gift from nature.

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