Tigon is thrilled to bring you from NAH&S a black seed gummy that is truly healthy. Containing an impressive two drops of oil per gummy, nothing is sacrificed on the taste palette. In fact, these black seed gummies are the best tasting in the world! They are are made with real pomegranate, Yacon syrup, and nutrient rich coconut sugar.

Like NAH&S we believe everyone deserves to eat truly healthy snacks made with 100% wholefoods, just as nature intended.

● Gluten free, GMO free, made with organic ingredients
● Vegan and vegetarian friendly, corn and soy free, no artificial flavours
● Includes coconut sugar, Yacon, and real pomegranate
● Heart, Digestive, and Immune supporting
● Free of pork/beef gelatine, cane sugar, tapioca & corn syrups
● The healthiest gummy choice for all ages


Just £27.50 for 60 gummies,  get yours today visit:-