Some scientists are now thinking that a mouthwash could help fend off early infections from viruses, and whilst no substitute for some other precautions you might practice or the experts suggest to follow, we could all do with as much help wherever possible.

In which case Germa Clenz anti-microbial spray (containing powerful phenols from wild high-mountain grown oregano plants) is ideal, for apart from it’s many obvious uses, being 100% natural and edible, it is an excellent mouth wash killing nasty germs before they can do you harm. Just 3-4 squirts in the mouth followed with sip of water and swish around the mouth pulling solution between the teeth and around the gums and then gargle for a good minute before spitting out, is not only beneficial for optimum dental hygiene but probably for reducing risk or even stopping airborne infections.

Indeed, spraying Germa Clenz inside or outside of a face mask is a tip many users are finding may help its effectiveness and of course it can be used as a hand spray as well as in the air and on hard surfaces.

Maybe when you need little extra support it is not a bad idea to carry a bottle with you or to have in the car and home.

Presentation: in 60ml pocket size and 120ml family size pump sprays.


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