Oreganol P73 cream combines the benefits of wild oil of oregano with honey and other powerful essential oils to produce a potent formulation for various applications including insect bites, dry/chapped skin, Eczema and sunburn.

Oreganol P73 Cream has tremendous anti-oxidant properties, is an ideal night cream and an excellent moisturiser to help reduce wrinkles and keep skin glowing and looking youthful.

Just a little goes along way making this exotic formulation perfect for those wanting a 100%, yet economical and effective alternative to chemicals found in most commercial and main stream skin and face creams.

This non greasy cream contains  wild lavender oil, Canadian wild flower honey, Propolis, Canadian balsam and wild oregano oil.

To obtain visit: http://oliveleafcouk.wpenginepowered.com/oreganol-p73-cream