Researched by Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., oregano proved to be effective against a wide array of microorganisms like Candida albicans, Strep and Staph. Other research demonstrates its effectiveness against parasites. Oregano strengthens the immune system, helps fight allergies, and keeps the digestive tract in good health.

If you have decided to give oregano to your pet, but have questions about how to administer it and which form would be the most desirable, here are some suggestions creative pet lovers have shared with us:

1. use oil topically on skin problems, wounds, or ear lobes; add some to the liquid soap dispenser you are using to wash your pet. As an alternative spray their fur with Germ-A-Clenz and brush through to get rid of ticks, fleas and other freeloaders.

2. for internal use:

-Try mixing 2 or more drops of oil with the food your animal likes (keep in mind oil has hot taste and strong  aroma).

-Use Oreganol gel caps. Stick 1-2 daily down your pet’s throat.

-Use Oregamax- crushed herbal form in a gel cap. It can be easily opened and mixed with food. It has much milder taste and aroma than Oregano oil.

-Use Germ-A-Clenz on cats paws, they will not like and will lick it off and thus into their system. Can also be used as anti-septic when cleaning out a birds cage.

-For brave souls: some pet owners tell us they just drop the oil into animal’s mouth!! and for dental problems rub the oil into their gums twice a day, reduces pain plus keeps bacteria at bay and reduces bad breath.

Your pet will certainly get well but do not expect it to appreciate you for doing so!!

Get creative and after you succeed, please call us and share your story.

We will pass it along to other pet owners.

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