Inflammation and Covid-19

Inflammation and Covid-19

There is much talk in magazines and newspapers recently about Inflammation and even linking it to Covid-19.

So what is it? Inflammation is part of our body’s defence systems response to dealing with injuries and infections by causing a flood of white blood cells and various chemicals to help recovery. This response can last a few hours or days but sometimes this stays switched on in what we call chronic inflammation which can be linked with problems such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancer. When this occurs it means the body is less able to deal with secondary or opportunistic infections like Covid-19.

Causes of chronic inflammation include pollution, smoking, stress, excess alcohol, being overweight and long term illness.

Diet can play a major part in reducing inflammation like cutting down on factory farmed red meats, ready meals, wheat, refined sugars and processed foods in general. Consuming more oily fish, tree nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables – generally eating foods as close to nature as possible.

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