Natures powerful anti-viral


Laboratory research in America is providing compelling reasons to include edible spice oils within a nutritional program to combat colds and flu.


Dr M Khalid Ijaz and his colleagues at Microbiotest Labs. in Virginia, were the first team to show that a combination of a unique type of edible wild oregano oil blended with cumin, sage and cinnamon oils (known as Oregacyn P73) can inhibit human viral pathogens.  Whilst further investigations continue published research data so far has shown OregaResp P73 to have potent virucidal and antiviral activities against the Human Coronavirus (SARS), Influenza A2 (destroyed in 20mins) and Avian Influenza virus H9N2.


This may all sound rather amazing for spice oils but historical documentation indicates oregano has long been used as a natural germ killer, cinnamon was known by the Romans for its antiseptic powers, sage was used by ancient herbalists for respiratory relief and cumin was valued as a germicide.


OregaResp P73 is available in vegi-capsules price £59.95 for 90 caps and £27.50 for 30


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