Oregano is a medicine chest in a bottle

All you need to know how oregano can reverse numerous ailments including:

Allergies;  arthritis; asthma; athete’s foot; back pain; bites; bronchitis; candidiasis; cankersores; colds;  coldsores; diarrhea; ear aches; eczema; fatigue; flu; gastritis; gum disease; neuritis; prostatitis; psoriasis; ringworm; sinusitis; wounds; and dozens of others

Oregano will help you:-

Fight everyday infections such as sore throats, colds, flu and pneumonia

Protect you whist travelling throughout the world

Keep your children safe the ravages of opportunistic infections

Reduce chronic pain from headaches, arthritis, muscle aches and injuries

Defend you from Lyme, Hepatitis, E coli and much more

This 200 page book is by Dr Cass Ingram, physician, health researcher and author of over 30 books on natural cures and remedies. He is popular radio/TV personality in America and made over 10,000 media iterviews on taking care of health naturally.

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