Oil of Black Seed 240ml

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Pure cold pressed 100% Black Seed Oil

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Black seed is the aromatic Nigella seed of the Mediterranean region. The plant which produces these seeds grows wild. The seed is black in color and is highly aromatic. Research shows that black seed strengthens the lungs, boosts overall lung function, and improves breathing capacity. This seed has long been used in the Mediterranean as an anti-parasitic. Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad said it was useful in the reversal of most diseases and that if taken daily, it helps in the prevention of disease. Black seed is rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3s, contains phytosterols, which research shows help boost overall immunity and is a good source of natural vitamin E. For sluggish bowels the regular intake of a black seed nutritional supplement is ideal, since it naturally and gently normalizes lower bowel function and is invaluable for those who suffer from constipation. What’s more, black seed oil is safe for intake in children. It may be mixed in juice or poured over yogurt, cottage cheese, or salads. For people with sluggish or weakened immunity the regular intake of black seed capsules can prove invaluable. This is a complete safe way to support immune health; it can be taken with any other substance. It fails to interact with medication. It is safe, because it is a natural spice, in fact, food. There are no contraindications. It strengthens the digestive and lung functions. it increases the flow of liver secretions, (which is the bile). This boosts the digestion of food, while aiding elimination.

Regarding the oil for general health take one teaspoon daily.

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