Canacurmin oil 60ml

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Wild turmeric-hemp stalk extract drops for rapid absorption

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All natural ingredients


Supports an overall healthy nervous system response through the nourishment of the body’s CB2 receptors.

Canacurmin is the only wild plus raw turmeric-hemp stalk extract available.  The raw organic hemp stalk extract provides the full complement of terpenes and the  CO2 turmeric extract gives a synergistic action in supporting a natural anti-inflammatory response.  The turmeric in Canacurmin is highly potent because it is made exclusively from the wild-growing spice thriving without farming or cultivation.  Because it is wild, it is free of all pesticides and herbicides.  Also, it is a dense source of phytocannaboids

This amazing 100% all natural formula contains also an especially powerful Indian Ginger extract, oleoresin, which helps with absorption of turmerics active compounds. Wild Rosemary and Wild Oregano are added which fortify its potency and antioxidant powers.

Presentation: 60ml dropper bottle

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Cinnamon, Ginger, Hemp, Oregano, Rosemary, Turmeric