Royal Power 120 vcaps

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Triple Strength Royal Jelly Complex

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All natural ingredients


Probably the best Royal Jelly you can buy!

Burning the candle at both ends? working long hours,?under pressure from all around? – then perhaps some help from nature is needed.In today’s toxic environment and with many foods depleted in nutrients, maintaining good health is not easy. Therefore, a natural food supplement that has been widely recognised by many (including pop stars and Hollywood celeb’s) should be considered taken on a daily basis.Royal Jelly is a concentrated super food from the Queen Bee rich in vitamins A, C, D and E as well as nine B-complex, 22 amino acids and many minerals.Royal Power is a superior form of freeze dried Royal Jelly with almost 6.5% of 10-HAD (hydroxydecanoic acid), combined with wild herbs for added potency. A healthy adrenal system helps our bodies deal with stress and exhaustion.Take each morning for a “fighting fit” start to the day.

Each capsule contains 550mg Royal Jelly plus wild rosemary, wild sage and camu camu berry.

Presentation: 120 vegi-caps

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Rosemary, Sage


Royal Power 120 vcaps, Royal Power (Multi-pack 3x 120 vcaps)