Inflam-eez Rubbing Oil 60ml

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Massage oil for pain relief

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All natural ingredients


Natural Support against Pain, Natural  Muscle Relaxant

Inflammation is the root of numerous diseases. This is why Inflam-eez is so invaluable. Inflam-eez is a special combination of wild spice and herb oils plus the invaluable native root extract, wild pain root. This is highly active for naturally easing swelling, soreness, stiffness, and pain. Its active ingredients, wild pain root and wild karabash essential oil (aromatic Turkish menthol-rich sage oil) directly ease pain and swelling. What’s more, this formula, highly aromatic, has an effect upon the pain centres in the brain, easing pain, inflammation, and stiffness. Wild karabash and rosemary act upon the adrenal glands, boosting natural steroid synthesis. This offers yet another pain-relieving action.

Inflam-eez is ideal for use on injured tissue. It is also ideal for rubbing into sore muscle and joints due to chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, arthritis, and hip or joint pain. For general health it is also ideal for rubbing up and down the spine. For any problem related to joints or muscles Inflam-eez is the rubbing oil of choice.

There  is a great action of the Inflam-eez on the central nervous system. It is from here where pain and inflammation are controlled. The highly aromatic wild karabash and rosemary oils activate the brain’s sensors, helping boost the natural nervous system mechanisms for fighting pain and inflammation. The high degree of effectiveness of Inflam-eez is demonstrated by the following:

CASE HISTORY: Mrs. N. is a 48-year-old tennis buff, whose game was disturbed due to a swollen, painful knee. She was no longer able to win matches or play effectively. After regularly applying the Inflam-eez (once every hour or two) the pain and swelling receded. Bravely, she engaged in several tennis matches and won all matches with better performance than ever before.

Inflam-eez truly eases pain, all  through a natural means. It is completely non-toxic and in contrast to prescription drugs may be used repeatedly. It penetrates well into the tissues without residues.  Wild oregano oil is also an anti-pain and inflammation-fighting substance. What’s more, it is a solvent, and, thus, it speeds lymphatic flow. A Turkish study determined that when applied topically, wild oregano was more powerful than common anti-inflammatory drugs in reducing pain and inflammation.

Inflam-eez is also an adrenal relaxant. One ideal use for adrenal conditions is to rub it on the mid-back region over the adrenal reflex. This is an ideal rub for reflexologists. Inflam-eez may be used on a daily basis and is safe, in fact, ideal, for sensitive skin. It may also be taken internally, three to five drops twice daily, that is until condition is resolved.

This high potency blend of oils from Karabash, Sage, Rosemary, Oregano and Pain root help support natural pain response. Ideal for rubbing on joints, tendons and muscles.

Great as a foot massage.

Presentation: 60ml bottle with dropper

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