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Contains the same powerful sterio isomer extraction from the leaves of olive tree as our adults version – Eden Extract, which is the world’s original extract from the hand picked leaves of selected olive trees and its unique patented extraction process delivers high levels of bio-available d-elenolic acid.

It is recognised by professional and lay consumers worldwide as being the most potent and effective olive leaf extract available across a broad spectrum of uses. Eden Extract (or d-Lenolate) was the product used in the research by Dr Robert Lyons, and in Dr Morton Walker’s 200 page book “Olive Leaf Extract” the reports on the many applications and benefits were taken from the patent holder’s archives.

Eden Extract delivers at least 18% (often more, depending on the leaves when harvested) of oleuropein but please note-  it is not the amount that is important but how the body utilises it and how long it remains active in ones system.

This tiny capsule presentation is suitable not only for young children to take on a regular basis but also for those who may find difficulty swallowing a lager capsules (NB: also can be given to small pets)

Manufactured and protected under patent #5714150

Presentation: 60  125mg vegicaps

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