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Why is Melatonin-free so important? This synthetic hormone was never intended to a be a sleep aid for long-term use.
Rather it was designed to manipulate the circadian body clock and relieve the effects of jet lag. Melatonin is synthetically
derived and mimics the natural melatonin hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. People report experiencing the
M-Effect (Melatonin Effect), which consists of unpleasant dreams and heavy morning grogginess. Dependencies are known to occur with long-term use.

In contrast, Herbal-zZZs provides the best nightly sleep support experience. With ingredients directly from nature, this
innovative and proprietary sleep formulation gives a restful sleep without the M-Effect. Utilizing pure synergistic ingredients and a quality manufacturing process Herbal-zZZs is a product that you can trust. The Five Core active ingredients are Ashwagandha,
Hops, Chamomile, Magnolia Bark and Black Seed Oil. Ashwagandha is part of a rare class of herbs, called adaptogens. This water extracted root supports hormonal balance plus the body’s coping mechanism for stress and anxiety. It also nourishes the adrenal glands, which can keep you awake when overactive. Hops is a mild sedative and supports effective relaxation. Chamomile calms and soothes the nervous and digestive systems to prepare you for sleep. Chamomile has been trusted and relied upon since ancient times as a primary bedtime aid. Magnolia Bark supports a state of tranquility in the brain and nervous system. The
polyphenols in magnolia bark — honokiol and magnolol — have been found to support a healthy REM (Rapid Eye
Movement) sleep and a GABA receptor response, essential for a good night’s rest. Black Seed Oil supports natural
tryptophan levels in the brain, which are responsible for the synthesis of natural, not synthetic, serotonin and melatonin.
The hormones that regulate sleep. Gentle and well-tolerated, together, these ingredients work naturally and harmoniously as the ideal replacement for melatonin at night. Try our unique Herbal-zZZs sleep formula and experience a wholesome rest in the arms of mother nature’s embrace.
Herbal-zZZs is a pure herbal bedtime formula that is Melatonin-free.

Presentation: 60 softgel caps (suitable for vegetarians)

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