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Purely-C provides the unique powers of natural vitamin C, plus flavonoids, as found in nature. It is the only 100% raw food-source vitamin C, plus flavonoid, formula available. Synthetic vitamin C is genetically engineered and is inferior to natural flavonoid-rich vitamin C. Low dose natural vitamin C is the natural non-chemical way to consume vitamin C.

There is no synthetic vitamin C in Purely-C. Each capsule contains approximately 50 mg (equal to approx. 500mg of synthetic Vit C) or 90% of your daily value of vitamin C from Camu Camu berries, Acerola cherries, Rose hips and Rhus Coriaria powder.

Natural Vitamin C – versus – Chemically produced

Why do we need Vitamin C?

– to help reverse illness and disease, such as common colds

– to help reduce common symptoms, such as joint pain, swelling and weakness

– to help protect cells and keep them healthy

– to help the body recover from wounds and injuries

Is your Vitamin C chemically produced (synthetic) or completely natural?

Many of the Vitamin C products available on the market are synthetic supplements and are processed from corn syrup, which is nothing more than refined corn sugar. Purely C is a completely natural product where the only process used is sun-drying. It is made from Acerola cherries, Rose hips and the amazing Camu Camu berries (which contains around 30 times more vitamin C than an orange!!).

Being a natural product means there are no side effects like diarrhoea and heart burn which are often associated with some Vitamin C supplements.

How much Vitamin C do we need?

The rare Camu Camu berry, which is sourced from the Amazon, contains the whole Vitamin C complex, which includes its bioflavonoid components – it is these that increase the natural absorption of Vitamin C in to the body. This means that we require less mg than the synthetic alternatives. 50mg of Purely C is equivalent to 500mg of a synthetic product.

How can we take our supplements?

Purely C is available as a powder or in a capsule. Capsules can either be taken two or more times a day with meals or can be opened and mixed with food, juices or smoothies (an ideal way for giving to children).

Presentation: 120g powder

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