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An ancient proverb claims that if sage is consumed every day, the individual shall never grow old. During Medieval times the English insisted that it was necessary for good health. True or not, sage is one of the most powerful herbal antioxidants known. Researchers determined that when sage is added to food, the shelf life is extended tremendously – even longer than synthetic preservatives. Could this same action occur within humans?

With all the interest in natural antioxidants, like vitamin E and pycnogynol, it is revealing that an edible herb, Sage, is infinitely more powerful. According to Taintu sage overpowered virtually every substance tested in halting oxidation of fats. Thus, edible sage oil from the wild spice is the type useful for human health, and this is the type used by North American Herb & Spice. This is entirely safe for internal and externally use when taken in moderation (3 to 10 drops twice daily). It can be freely used topically on wounds, cuts, abrasions, skin irritations, bums, warts, etc. It makes an excellent gargle for sore throats and can be applied to canker sores and cold sores as often as needed.

Sage is also a digestive tonic. It is particularly valuable for inflammation in the intestines that is colitis and irritable bowel. Plus, it is soothing to the nerves of the digestive tract. Historically, herbalists have relied upon sage for diarrhea as well as intestinal parasites.

If the nervous system is out of balance, sage is perhaps the ideal tonic. It exerts tremendous calming action upon the nerves. Herbalists currently rely upon sage for anxiety, nervousness, agitation – they even massage it into the skin to relieve muscle tension and pain. Furthermore, it is also used for reversing depression and apathy, because of its ability to boost mood and stimulate the mind. Sage is an invaluable activator.

Sage is especially valuable as a hormone tonic. It gives great strength to the adrenal glands, which are the glands for controlling energy, the ability to fight stress, and the resistance to disease. In the modem era everyone needs an adrenal tonic. Sage also exerts powerful effects upon the sex hormone system and is an immense aphrodisiac, both internally and externally. A partial list of conditions for which sage oil has been utilized includes:

cold hands/feet or low body temperature; immune decline; Sore throat/laryngitis fatigue and weakness; Adrenal weakness (and to combat high stress); Respiratory conditions, particularly asthma and whooping cough; insomnia; Hot flushes (it also reduces excessive sweating); imbalances in menstruation; PMS; infertility and impotence; Prostate disorders; reducing of excessive sweating; depression/anxiety agitation; irregular menses; hair loss; dandruff; aging skin; muscular tension

What’s more, sage is a beauty aid. Since ancient times it has been used to reverse greying of the hair. For excessive greying, use internally as well as externally.  Use it as a scalp/hair conditioner. Add it to facial tonics to greatly improve the tone/beauty of the skin. Sage is an astringent when applied to the skin, meaning it is a drying agent, counteracting excessive oiliness, scaling, and perspiration. However, since our Oil of Sage is emulsified in extra virgin olive oil, it can be used on scaly and/or dry skin.

Note: Sage oil should not be consumed if pregnant or by breastfeeding mothers, since it tends to slow milk production. DO NOT use commercial or aromatherapy sage oil. It may be high in thujone, which is potentially toxic. Even so: remember, sage is an edible spice. The wild mountain sage we use is consumed daily in the Mediterranean as a tea and tonic.

Presentation: 30ml dropper bottle

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