Germ-a-Clenz 60ml pump spr

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An antimicrobial spray whcih is safe to use anywhere

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As Recommended By Dr Jennifer-Harper Deacon in The Sunday Times

This antimicrobial oregano spray is safe to use anywhere even around children and pets. It is made from edible oil and spice extracts and has hundreds of applications around the home, workplace, when travelling and even for personal use. A powerful natural germicide it kills all kinds of germs including bacteria and viruses.. Use on your hands, as a room spray, on work surfaces, in public toilets, on airplanes and in fact anywhere germs lurk that might threaten your wellbeing.

Contains: Oregano phenols and natural spice extracts in purified water

Presentation: 60ml pump spray bottle (ideal for pocket or handbag when travelling)

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Germ-a-Clenz 60ml pump spray, GERMA CLENZ (multi-pack 3 x 60ml)

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