PureOmega Oil 240ml

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Highly digestible Omega 3’s and 6’s from plants

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All natural ingredients


Pure Omega Oil provides a source of plant derived omega 3’s and 6’s which are readily utilised by the body. This combination of totally natural omega oils taken on a daily basis help to maintain normal healthy skin, hair and nails. Our PureOmega is derived from the Sachi-Inchi nut an Amazon plant native to Peru. This is a jungle plant that grows 500 metres above sea level and is naturally free of chemical residues. Sachi Inchi contains the rare fatty acid alpha linolenic acid and is high in nutrients such as B Vitamins, amino acids and trace mineral. Sachi Inchi is far superior to flaxseed oil because:-a) it is highly digestible b) contains high amounts of protective anti-oxidants such as beta carotene and Vit E which are lacking in flaxseed c) contains large amounts of essential amino acids d) is higher in B vitamins e) lower in toxic substances known as goitrogens, and linamarin (which blocks utilisation of Vit B-6) f) tastes much better, try it on cottage cheese or even in a smoothie.

This PureOmega oil is a great alternative to fish oils (which can be contaminated) and ideal for vegetarians.

This is the ideal fatty acid supplement for growing children, (can even add to infants feeding bottles)

Take 2 teaspoonfuls daily, each serving contains 1,600mg of Omega 3’s and 1,175mg of Omega 6’s

Presentation: 240ml bottle

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