Oreganol P73 Vegetarian Gelcaps 60’s

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Now in Vegetarian gel-capsules

Regular Strength Wild Mountain grown oil of oregano in gel-capsulesP73 Oil of Oregano contains a high amount of the polyphenol “Carvacrol” (over 70%). Taken in capsule form for convenience without dissipation in the mouth or throat plus there is no taste, warming sensation or odour on the breath.

Wild oregano has so many uses we can not list them all here, but if you would like to find out more e-mail sales@oliveleaf.co.uk for details.

Contains 6 drops of wild regular strength P73 oregano oil in each soft gel-capsule (tapioca vegetable gelatine suitable for vegetarians and vegans). Convenient to take, easy to swallow.

Presentation: Single – 60 gel-capsules.

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Oreganol P73 Gelcaps 60's, Oreganol P73 (Multi-pack 3x 60's)

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