OregaResp oil 30ml

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Multi-spice formula oil

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More potent than oregano oil on it’s own

OregaResp P73 has been created using a proprietary, evaporative technique on the constituent edible oils. The technique used on the wild, mountain grown oil of oregano, as well as the other natural spice extracts included in the OregaResp P73, creates a more potent and concentrated formula than the natural edible oils possess alone. OregaResp P73 comes in both powdered capsule and oil forms. In our experience, the oil mixture appears to contain properties all its own. North American Herb & Spice, say they have seen maximum results when OregaResp P73 is taken in both capsule and oil form simultaneously

Multi-spice formula.  A unique blend of wild oregano, sage and cumin oils, flavoured with cinnamon oil.

Presentation: 30ml dropper bottle

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